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Get hooked - Not Addicted

If you're drawn to the thrill of winning money more than the social aspect of the game itself, it's time to ask yourself if you've a gambling addiction. We recommends shrugging it off by:

  • Creating alternative ways of socializing. Take up roller-blading or meet your friends for a movie instead. Make an effort to get out of the house.
  • Seeking a psychiatrist who deals with addiction.
  • Asking what's missing from your life that you are using your addiction to fill in for. If it's loneliness or boredom, you can find alternative methods of fulfilling your needs.
  • Be prepared to go cold turkey because, like alcoholism, a gambling addiction is a disease that you have to control every day for the rest of your life.

Know What You're Getting Into

To verify your credit-worthiness for any of these loans, moneylenders may ask for your credit card and identity card numbers, income tax. etc. to process your application. Watch out! they can:

  • Assume your identity to apply for overdrafts, credit cards and sign up for mobile phones with photocopies of these documents, without your knowledge.
  • Go on a shopping spree at online stores using your credit card numbers. You may not know until you receive the statement or when the bank detects an irregularity and stops all transactions.
  • Borrow money from loan sharks. You wind up being the wrong target when the other party doesn't pay up. A vengeful loan shark can scrawl your number at public places, harass you with nuisance calls and show up at your house and office demanding for payments because he knows where you live and work.

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