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The Inequality Of Language

Overall, there seem to be more positive words for men than for women, even for words and their simple feminine counterpart. A bachelor, for instance, who is just an unmarried man, is also seen as a young dashing playboy with a sports-car and sun-bronzed skin, free to go out with any girl he likes.

A spinster, on the other hand, may technically mean the female equivalent 'an unmarred woman' but the word conjures up images of dumpy, white-haired castaways sitting all alone at home that nobody wants to marry The male term 'master' carries the connotation of power and authority, whereas the word 'mistress' is a term of non-power, which makes us think of a kept woman who lives to serve the master, or worse, a shameless woman who takes a man away from his wife.

The most interesting thing about gender bias in language is, even though it's the men who are genetically programmed to find as many mates as possible. It's the women who have more descriptions for sexual promiscuity. A 'Sir' refers to a gentlemen, but a 'Madam' can refer to someone in charge of a prostitute den.

Think of other terms such as 'governor versus 'governess', courtier versus 'courtesan' - in a cases the male term bang out something positive, while the female counterpart suggests a lady who will exchange sex for money Even the same word can be used to different effect. Compare the sentence "he's a professional" to 'she's a professional'. The whole picture is something of an imbalance.

There are roughly two hundred and twenty words for a sexually promiscuous woman; for a guy, it's just twenty words I guess the only thing to do from now on is to be careful with what I say. Although most girls I know don't really seem to notice these little inequalities in the way we use English, l don't want to someday run into someone who does notice and get mangled for what I say Whoops! There I go again. What I meant was, I don't want to get womangled for what I say.


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