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Taste Does Matter

There are no set rules when it comes to buying wine. If you had your way, reviews and recommendations probably wouldn't factor into your choice and you would just go for whatever you liked. The only way to figure out what you really like is to taste as many wines as you can, and take note of your favorites. Tasting is the most fun part of choosing a wine.

Use the color of the wine as an indicator of its body and robustness. Go for dark reds if you like something full-bodied and fragrant, and if you like lighter styles of red wine, look out for a lighter red color. Wine tasting itself is an art, but if you don't know how to go about it, rest assured: the process is quite straightforward.

First, pour the wine into a wine glass and look at its color. Then, check the wine's opacity-is it clear, cloudy, or somewhere in between? Can you see sediment or specks of cork floating in it? Next, swirl your glass around a few times and take a quick whiff of the wine; now, draw a deeper breath through your nose.

What do you like about the aroma? The final step in the process is taste. Swirl a little wine in your mouth and note its initial taste. Let a bit of air in through your lips and swirl the wine in your mouth again, using your tongue. Now swallow, and note the wine's finish, or aftertaste. Record your overall impressions and whether you enjoyed the carne or not. It's that simple.


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