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Seven Deadly Sins

Pride, greed, lust, envy, sloth, wrath and gluttony. Each sin tempts us with the promise of fulfilling our deepest, darkest desires - and we continue to embrace them despite the dire consequences they bring.


In your quest for love, you'll don all manner of costumes to entice, attract and solicit desire from the apple(s) of your eye. You'll use delicate, provocative, garments as tools of seduction until he finally yours.


Your eyes squint and your chest constricts. You tell yourself to look away but you can't. You feel the ugly green-eyed monster taking over and find yourself helpless against it. You've wanted anything more in your life and there it is, on her arm.


You hold your head high, well aware that your skin glows with a natural radiance. There's not a blemish in sight and your eyes are sparkling like diamonds. You toss back your silky hair and feel yourself puff up with self-importance. Your mouth curves into a smug smile as you reach for one of your miracle jars.


"One is fun, why not two? And if you like two, you might as well have four. And if you like four, why not a few. Why not a slew. More! More! You smile, for this is your life anthem: Madonna's "More".


You luxuriate in your sumptuous bed, warm, snug and comfortable. You remember that there are things you'd promised to do but banish all pressing thoughts and fall back to sleep. Outside your bedroom, life goes on& but it doesn't matter.


"I'm sorry, I promise it will never happen again," the message begged. You glare at the offending bouquet and crumple up the card. You felt rage blasting through your veins. "He will pay," you murmur. "He will not be forgiven."


"Taste so good&" You smile, relishing the sensation of chocolate melting in your mouth. You lick you lips to savour the taste once again as you reach for another piece, and another; you blatantly ignore the tightness of your skirt.

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