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Assembly Of Scuba Equipment

Think scuba diving is just about web suits and shark spotting? Think again! Get to know the basics of safe equipment assembly:

Air And Streamlining

Turn the air on whilst facing the submersible pressure gauge away from you and depressing the purge button on the regulator. Ensure there is a full tank of air, then breathe from the regulator to make sure it feeds you air smoothly. Lastly, streamline your equipment by securing dangling hoses.

Tank And Regulator

Check that the tank valve has an e-ring in good condition to ensure a good seal with the first stage of the regulator. Secure the regulator's first stage to the tank valve.

Buoyancy Control Device

Slide on and se BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) to the tank, Voila! You're ready to jump right in!

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