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Bond With Martinis

Martinis are not the sole preserve of James Bond or anyone working for Her Majesty's Secret Service. Never mind that the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, is more James Bland, the famous secret agent's favorite drink proves uber popular. But if you are clueless about martinis, here's our 101 guide before you shake and stir them.

What Is Martini?

Martini variations include those using chocolate, apple or lime but according to Ben Munroe, a martini and marketing expert who has been in the nightlife industry for the past 15 years, a classic martini is made with a 2:1 ratio of gin and vermouth as well as a dash of orange bitters.
Topped with ice in a cocktail shaker or in a mixing glass, the concoction is then stirred or shaken, strained and served in a cocktail glass, usually with an olive. Vodka may also be used to replace gin depending on individual tastes. Then it is called vodka martini.

What Is James Bond's version like?

In Casino Royale (1953), the first Bond novel, its author, Ian Fleming, immortalised Bond's martini's recipe: three parts gin, one part vodka and half a part of vermouth. It is shaken till ice cold and garnished with a slice of lemon peel.

Where Is It From?

The exact origins are unknown but a popular theory has it that American bartender Jerry Thomas from the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco, invented the drink in the 1860s for a traveller heading towards Martinet within the same state. Another theory has it that a New York bartender called Martini di Anna di Taggia invented the drink in 1911 at the Knickerbocker Hotel.

Dry Or Wet Martinis?

A dry martini simply means the drink is mixed with a high proportion of gin to vermouth, such as a 5:1 ratio, depending on individual tastes. A wet martini's ratio can be anything around the classic 2:1 ratio, says Munroe.

Shaken Or Stirred

This is a matter of personal preference. Shaking it will chill the drink faster. However, the ice will break up faster too, introducing water into the alcohol mix which might affect the drink's potency. The movement will also introduce air into the liquid, resulting in a cloudier appearance as compared to a stirred martini. A 1999 study published by the British Medical Journal reported that shaken martinis has more antioxidant effects, possibly making it a healthier drink as compared to a stirred one.

Does It Have Nutritional Value?

According to and, a standard glass of martini (about 100m1) has 175 calories and lg of sugar. This value will change depending on the type of martini you mix. For example, a chocolate martini has about 438 calories with 24g of sugar, 20g of fat and just 2g of protein. The garnishes will also affect the nutritional value. For example, olives contain minerals and vitamins including calcium, sodium and vitamin A.

Who Are Some Famous Martini Drinkers?

Singer Frank Sinatra, and former presidents of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and George Bush Sr are fans.

How Do You Explain Martini Jargon?

Dirty - Add olive brine into the martini.
Twist - Use a lemon rind garnish instead of the usual olive.
Smoky - Replace the vermouth ingredient with Scotch.
Naked - No ice used but chilled ingredients and martini glass.
Let Stand - Pour the ingredients into the ice-filled shaker and strain the mixture after a while without moving the shaker.

How To Drink And Get Away With It?

Avoid A Hangover

Never drink on an empty stomach eat pasta of rice before drinking. Ive heard that sipping milk or oil helps line the stomach. Drink a glass of water to every glass of alcohol. Force yourself to drink three big glasses of water before sleeping to flush out your system.

Know Your Limits And When They Change

A US study found that some people are physically more susceptible to alcohol then other. Research also shows that rate of alcohol absorption is affected by your hormones.

Eat A Banana

Alcohol is a diuretic which can deplete your potassium levels, leaving you tired and jittery. Whisk some milk with banana, honey and double cream. This corrects dehydration and low blood sugar, and lines the stomach.

Choose Your Drinks With Care

Its not just the alcohol content some drinks contain more of the substances known as congeners, too many of which can leave you with a deadly hangover. To prevent this, opt for pure drinks such as organic wine and male whisky over cheap spirits, rough wine, bourbon and port. Red wine can contain more than double the congeners of white wine, while bourbon has twice the quantity of aldehyde which interferes with alcohol detoxification as malt whisky.

Have Toast And Honey For Breakfast

The carbohydrate in the bread will help you combat your flagging blood sugar levels, while honey contains fructose which is needed to help the liver turn unwanted alcohol into acetic acid, thereby ridding your system of alcohol more quickly.

Take Vitamins

Take an extra 75mg of B vitamins, 400-600mg of magnesium and 20-50mg of zinc when youre drinking. The body depends on B vitamins to metabolize alcohol, yet drinking destroys its natural resources. A lack of magnesium can contribute hangovers symptoms, such as irritability, insomnia and headaches while zinc plays an important role in neutralizing the toxic effects of alcohol.

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