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Is Creativity Important?

Creativity basically means innovation. It is the quality which inspires scientists and explorers to invent and explore. Creativity is an asset on every level - personal, institutional, national. It is about the consideration of possibilities, the generation of new ideas, asking 'why not' instead of 'why'. Yet creativity is not a subject that can be taught.

It is an approach to learning that is opposite to memorization and regurgitation of facts. It demands you to ask questions as well as to answer them. All of us are creative in certain areas. But sometimes we do not get a right platform to display our creativity. Most experts feel that it takes courage to promote creativity.

Creative person might not give all the 'right' answers, they may be proud to mood swings and may sometimes appear aimless. Often, they say, a person's aptitude for creativity is killed because of the pressure to be normal. Almost all experts believe that a person's creativity has a big role to play in his rise in any profession. Creative thinkers like Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg are leaders in their field and a source of inspiration for thousands of people.

Creative people are problem solvers, they can offer novelty. The world needs these kind of people to survive. To be creative, you have to be ready to get things wrong. This is an attitude which is not accepted in a lots of schools. But some nurturing teachers and parents make an effort to see if the child has answered creatively and give the child credit. You need a different mindset to spot creativity.

How To Increase Your Child Creativity

  • Learning within reach
  • Children learn best in the real practical world rather than with the help of worksheets.
  • Emphasise on process of learning rather than product.
  • The journey towards learning is more important than the destination.
  • Worrying about IQ and ignoring EQ.
  • Most parents worry about IQ and ignore EQ which researchers have found to be the most important skill for leaders.
  • Children learn in context
  • Children learn better when the information or idea is placed in context they understand.
  • Play is the best teacher
  • Children learn best though activities they enjoy.


Parenting Creativity

In his book Creative And Education, paediatrician and author Dr Kenneth Lyen defines creativity as having the ability to produce original, imaginative and useful ideas. He advises having an environment that allows kids the greatest amount of freedom to explore, try out new things, or play in a fairly free manner, in order to nurture their creative instincts:

  • Have age-appropriate toys such as Lego bricks or Playdoh, or musical instruments that kids can play with.
  • Keep the home environment secure and loving. This gives children the confidence and security to explore all possible ideas without feeling foolish.
  • Protect your children's time. Allow time for social interaction through art, music or sports activities.
  • Avoid watching TV or playing computer games for too long. Limit the time for such passive activities.
  • Art in itself need not be drawing. It can also be sculpturing, pottery or even the performing arts.
  • Get children interested. Help them to spot or look at details, like the picture of a landscape or flower. It is through the details that children will sharpen their observation abilities.
  • Act out in play. This is sometimes an effective way to get someone to be creative.
  • Expose children to different forms of music-classical, pop or jazz.

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