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Things A Men Should Know

  • While sex is stimulating activity, it causes a drop in body temperature, making you fall asleep.
  • Atioxidants protect against free radicals in the environment thus preventing premature ageing. This group of ingredients includes vitamins A, C and E.
  • People in Middle Ages threw eggs at the bride and groom.
  • Anything that gets your heart rate going will pep you up if you are overindulged and feel tired. Exercise boosts the bodys natural feelgood hormones, giving you extra energy but dont overdo it, and drink plenty of water. Metabolism increase, and your body start to work faster.
  • The water we drink is three billion years old.
  • Hunter Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder passed down from one generation to next. It is a X chromosome-linked defect affecting only males. Sufferers lack the enzymes that break down certain nutrients, leading to an abnormal accumulation of complex carbohydrates in tissues such as the heart lungs.
  • Use baking soda to extinguish kitchen grease fires. When heated, it produces water and releases carbon dioxide.
  • US researchers found that sulforaphane, found in cabbage, can help the liver process dangerous toxins into harmless molecules which are then excreted.
  • Research shows that journal-keepers have getter immune systems, greater feelings of wellbeing and fewer doctor visits. A journal provides spaces to reflect, process, pray even. During discouraging times, you can look back and see how fat youve come.
  • A team of European scientists asked 27 male volunteers to document their sexual activities for 90 days and collect daily saliva samples, which were analyzed for testosterone levels. They discovered a peak in testosterone tended to coincide with peaks in sexual activity, triggering a similar rise in sperm production.
  • Why do men have nipples? Simple - All boys and girls start out the same way when we're teensy embryos. The sex of an embryo is determined when a sperm head-bangs an egg, but the genital bit of males and females cannot be differentiated till the 15th week. That's just how it is, you're generally coded to look alike at first! That's why guys have nipples - because they are created with the capacity to be a girl! When girls hit puberty, they experience normal changes and grow breasts. Guys? Nah, their nipples are practically useless to them, except to adorn their hard pecs.

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