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Writer Unblocked – Getting It Write

Follow These Steps Will Get You Well On Your Way To Your First Bestseller

Just Do It

Get the pen moving across the page. Try not to edit yourself before the words even come out. Your first draft will always be the most unpolished version, and no one but you need see it.


Writing is like exercise the more you do it, the better you get. Try to devote at least 20 minutes per day to writing, preferably at the beginning or just before you turn in. A lot of it will simply mean remain journal ramblings, but some will form just the right scaffolding for a new story.

Show, Don't Tell

A rule so often repeated, its a cliché. But its still true. When creating a character, dont simply say Michael is 64 Use details, such as bifocals or grey hair, to flesh his age out.

Go With The Flow

Dont assume you know where your story is going before you even start. It could be an entirely different creature by the time you finish. Allow the writing to go where it wants, and discover something in your own writing. If the reader doesnt discover anything new, its probably not worth reading.

Read Good Fiction

Spend time reading good books. Pick an author whose style you admire and read more of his work. It will inspire changes to your own work, or at lease keep you thinking actively about language.

Read Aloud

Voicing your own words will naturally help you naturally help you figure out places that dont work. If it doesnt sound right, it probably isnt. This dictum is especially useful for crafting dialogue.

Tips For Aspiring Authors

Be Brave

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and pitch your works to editors. If your stories come back, just keep sending them out until they get accepted somewhere.

Don't Be Discouraged

Be prepared for negative critique from editors and publishers. If you believe you have a good product, try to listen to the feedback and improve our work. That's how you learn.

Start Small

You can't expect to get into The New York Times Bestseller list overnight.

Never Stop Learning

Do your homework, take writing classes, attend workshops or get into a critique groups.

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