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Your Guide To Beer Terms

Now you no longer have to pretend you know what all those confusing beer terms mean.


The process in which yeast turns the sugars present in wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide.


An establishment that serves beer and other alcoholic beverages.


The process by which barley is steeped in water, germinated, then kilned to convert insoluble starch to soluble substances and sugar.


A herb added to boiling wort or fermenting beer to give a bitter aroma and flavor.


An alcoholic drink which usually consists of four ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and yeast. As a rule of thumb, the ideal serving temperature for pale, light beers is between 5 and 10 deg C, and for dark, strong beers is between 10 to 15 deg C.


A full-bodied ale with a sharp or tangy flavor produced by the hops


The thickness and mouth-filling property of a beer, described as full- or thin-bodied.


A barrel of beer is equivalent to 31 gallons or 117.4 litres.


A beer brewed using the top fermentation process, where yeast cells rise to the top of the brewing tank, and then skimmed off when fermentation is complete.


A beer that is bottom-fermented at nearly freezing temperatures. This cooler environment, along with a longer fermentation period than ales, creates a very crisp beer.


A deep, dark ale brewed using highly roasted malts. It has intense malt and caramel favors, and depending on the variety, ranges from sweet to dry and distinctively bitter.


A substance consisting of water and mashed grains in which the starch has been turned into fermentable sugars during the mashing process.


A beer served from a keg or cask, it can be light or dark and in any style. Fresh tasting and easy to drink, draught beer has slightly lower carbonation levels so it is less filling than other beers.


A pale lager which takes its name from the town of Pilsen in Czech Republic where the bottom fermentation process of producing a pale beer was invented in 1842.

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