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Reach into your heart and join Women of Vision, a worldwide women's movement, which seeks to free women and children from poverty and exploitation. Imagine a teenage girl forced to sell her body to men old enough to be her father. Imagine her being beaten with an electrical wire until she falls unconscious because she refused to be a prostitute.

Imagine her having sex with so many men a day, her genitals become painful and she develops problems with her uterus and ovaries. Now, imagine this is your 14-year old daughter. This is Srey Mom's story. She's a 74-year old Thai girl who was sold into prostitution, but eventually escaped. Aside from being tormented by the psychological horrors of prostitution, she contracted the physical:

Srey Mom tested HIV-positive and contracted tuberculosis. To make things worse, her mother, Saron, rejected her because of her illness. She had no choice but to turn to the hospital, the only place that would accept her. It was there that she met her angel, Rany Khoy, a social worker from an international Christian humanitarian organisation, World Vision. Rany gave Srey Mom the gift of a normal life: She took her out for picnics, gave her nutritious food and encouraged her to set goals and write them in letters.

She was also given a sugar crusher to start a sugar cane business. Most importantly, Srey Mom's family was taught to love and accept her. Today, she has a new life and hope thanks to World Vision. An estimated 700,000 to 1 million women and children around the world are trafficked and exploited annually. Most end up being tricked into prostitution like Srey Mom or being sold into slavery as maids, sweatshop labor or other types of debt bondage.

World Vision seeks to assist these women and children in exploitative situations and increase awareness of their plights. It aims to address the trafficking of girls through education and provision of alternative jobs, deter girls who are at the risk of becoming prostitutes by working with neglected girls and girls with prostitute mothers, and provide alternative jobs and reintegration strategies.

The Women of Vision (WOV) chapter is birthed from such needs. An initiative that gathers women volunteer groups of diverse ages and backgrounds, this programme seeks to educate and motivate women on a local level to invest their time, intellect, compassion, creativity and finances to the suffering and needs of these women and children.

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