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Lose Your Cellphones And You Lose A Part You

The irony is that handheld gadgets have improved technically without any additional security to protect the mounting o amounts of data they store. A recent survey by security from Symantec found that more than 55 per cent of PDA and smart-phone users store confidential personal data on their devices. Some 41 per cent of these users also assess bank accounts on their phones while on the go, and 31 per cent access credit card accounts. There is not much that technology offers now to protect your phone from being lost or stolen. But there are three things you can personally do to keep it safe.

Protect Your Phone Like Your Wallet

This sounds stupid, but it is not. People here lose an estimated 22,000 cellphones a year. The cellphone is increasingly being turned into an e-wallet. Already, Japanese cellphones let people buy train tickets and pay for groceries at convenience stores. When this services comes to your country, as expected in the future, it makes sense to treat the cellphone as you would your wallet and keys.

Turn On Phone Lock

Just a couple of clicks of the buttons are all it takes to make your phone a little harder to "pry open". Most phones these days come with a phone lock function that requires a user to log in with a password each time the phone is restarted. Look for the security settings on a phone to enable this. Usually, you wilt be asked to key in a code, which comes in the box with your phone. Make sure you remember the password. Though thieves have been known to crack this, the extra security is still welcome.

Install Anti-theft Software

The good news is, emerging anti-backing software programs are now promising to lock up a phone and help a user track its whereabouts.

Backing Up Your Data

Do not irretrievably lose your contacts, photos and videos when you lose a phone. Back up the data onto your PC when you synchronise the devices. You can do this by connecting them wirelessly using Bluetooth or with a compatible data cable. Make sure you first install the PC software that comes with the handheld.

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