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True Lies On April Fool's Day

With April Fool's Day just around the corner, we digs up the origins of the prank playing day and revisits the memorable practical jokes.

Origins Of April Fool's Day

There are many stories as to the origin of April Fool's Day, but one popular version attributes its genesis to the shift in France from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar system. Prior to 1582, France celebrated its new year on the first of April, based on the ancient Julian calendar. With the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, however, the new year began on 1 January.

But not everyone took note of the change, and some continued to celebrate New Year's Day on the first of April. These people were labeled as "fools" and consequently put on the receiving end of practical jokes.

Joker Paul

At a chalet party one April Fool's Day many years back. I decided to play a prank on my friend. While he was taking a nap on the sofa, I used some henna tattoo ink and drew whiskers on his face. He was oblivious when he awoke, even after our friends started laughing at him. He saw my "artwork" only when he looked into the toilet mirror. Needless to say, he panicked and frantically tried to wash off the henna, but to no avail. The poor guy had to go to school with whiskers on his face for the next four days before the ink wore off. We have since nicknamed him, "Whiskers".

Joker Keryn

On April Fool's Day six years ago, set all the clocks in my home forward by an hour when everyone was out. My elder brother rushed for a dinner appointment thinking he was late. And my parents had a perplexed discussion on why the news was not being broadcast. They even checked the time on their mobile phones, saw it was different from the clocks, and nearly adjusted their phones!

Once I burst out laughing though, they finally figured things out. The rest of the weekend I saw me as the black sheep of the family. But it was worth it. The family still double-checks our clocks every April Fool's Day.


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