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Say It With Music

What is deemed pleasant-sounding to some people may be regarded by others as noise. Which of the following music genres strike a chord with you?

World Music

In world music, traditional ethnic influences mingle to form "cultural sounds", typically performed on or accompanied by distinctive instruments such as the kora (African lute), steel drum (pitched percussion instrument used in the West Indies), sitar (Indian string instrument) or the digeridoo (wind instrument of the indigenous Australians).

A famous music festival many of us are familiar with is NOMAD (World of music, arts and Dance), an organisation with roving performances that showcase popular outreach programmes, workshops and outdoor cultural acts of ethnic-fusion origins.

Electronic Music

Synthesisers (and more recently, digital devices) play significant roles in this brand of music. Electronica's primary trait is the extensive use of complex layering of various instrumental sounds. Experimentation by sub-cultures has brought about forms of popular dance music such as techno, house and trance over the years.

New age or chill music is an "evolved" form of electronica. Characterised by floating ambient grooves, such bleepy music is a hit amongst socialite wannabes and yuppies. For a taste of this uber lush attitude, check out tunes from Cafe Del Mar, Ministry of Sound and other house compilations from independent record stores.


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