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Scrap Paper Reminisces

Most parents today are either too busy with work and child rearing or home duties that they do not often have the time to take up a new hobby that let alone a hobby that they are enthusiastic about. Not many have the luxury or the time to engross themselves in a profession that is also their passion. Even fever still can do all the above while still able to incorporate their families and children into their lives.

Mother-of-two Anne-Marie considers herself lucky to be able to do all these things and still have time to spend on life's other indulgences. Her love affair with scrapbooking started one and a half years ago, when her sister introduced the hobby to her. Since then, Anne-Marie has been addicted to it and is now scrapping full-time.

Family Inspiration

"My family was actually the reason I decided to take up scrapbooking," the mother-of-two explains. "They have continually been my inspirations in many of my works. The good thing about scrapbooking is that I am not only keeping photos as I would in a normal photo album, but I am also able to express my feelings through my creations. I find that scrapbooking gives me something special to share with my children." she adds.

For the novice, scrapbooking is basically the art of combining photos and memorabilia, which are adorned with journal writing or doodles. Because scrapbooking only uses materials that are acid and lignin-free, unlike a normal photos album, they will not harm our photos. "Some people call scrapbooking the art of creating memories that will last for generations," the 33 years old says.

Creating Memories

She hopes that one day her scrapbook creations will be a kind of sentimental value to her children. Anne-Marie admits to having preferred scrapbooking, as opposed to other craft hobbies like rubber-stamping or jewellery making. "Scrapbooking is more meaningful to me as I am actually creating something for my children and family," she explains. With the love and support that she gains from her husband and two children, it is a little wonder that her family has been her primary subjects in many of her work.

Her children, Ethan, five, and Eve, Hannah, three, seem to have developed the same interest in the hobby as their mother. "They love to be around when I was scrapping." says Anne-Marie. "Although they are still too young to come up with any of their own scrapbook creations, they love to help me with the selection of paper, embellishments or do simple cutting and pasting when I am doing a project." Annie-Marrie has so far done a 40-page album on both children, which Ethan and Hannah love to look at.

Stimulating Creativity

At such young ages, it is important for parent to stimulate their children's mental development and stimulate their creative juices. One way to do this, Anne-Marie has discovered, is by doing a scrapbook. "Scrapbooking definitely helps to enhance children's creativity, because it is an art." she says. "My children learn how to mix different photos with cut-out shapes or patterned papers and how these combinations can be used to reveal their feelings and emotions in their creations."

Another plus of taking up scrapbooking as a hobby is that it gives Anne-Marie a chance to bond with her children. "Looking through photos together and talking about these mementos and important moments in our lives make it so special and intimate. Also the time spent scrapping means we get to spend some time doing something that we love together as a family." she adds.

Anne-Marie also find scrapbooking therapeutic. The process of creating beautiful memories, from the photos selection to putting on the finishing touches, is relaxing for her. "I often scrap after I get home work at night. I find it a good way for me to de-stress and to unwind from the day's worries." she quips.

Important moments captured in Anne-Marie's scapbooks are definitely something that her family will treasure for a lifetime. She says, "I think my scrapbook creation will give Ethan and Hannah something to cherish their family with, so that when they are older, they can flip through the albums and reminisce on their childhood."

5 Easy Ways To Start Scrapbooking

  • Pick up a scrapbooking magazine or surf scrapbooking website, such as The Scrapper's Loft (
  • Go to a scrapbook or craft shop that has a scrapbooking corner and don't be afraid to ask the sales ladies lots of questions.
  • Organise your photos for a small album (for example a 5 inches by 7 inches) of about 10 to 12 pages and pick photos of a similar theme. The basic rule of thumb is one photo per page.
  • Decide on a color scheme that you would like to use. After flipping through some magazines, you should be able to get inspired to come up with your own idea.
  • Go back to the scrapbook, shop and start picking out a few sheets of paper. If you are getting a pre-made album, you will only need less than one to two patterned papers and enough cardstock to use as the base for your album. Then you are ready to start!

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