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What Happens When You Are Pregnant?


Thicker crown as hair loss slows down temporarily. Oil glands secrete more oil, giving hair a healthy sheen.


Enlarged to prepare for breast-feeding. May see green veins on them but this is temporarily.

Breasts And Tummy

Appearance of stretch marks - permanent pink or red marks that will turn to whitish-silvery lines on the body due to small tears under the skin.

Ankles And Feet

Swollen due to water retention. A temporary effect.

Neck, Underarms And Groin

Temporary pigmentation due to hyperactive melanocyte cells which secrete melanin, the pigment in the skin that causes skin to turn dark when exposed to sun.


Radiant due to hormonal changes in the body. Skin is smoothened out and wrinkles disappear temporarily when face becomes a little puffy due to water retention. Some people suffer from acne due to overactive oil glands. The effect is temporary.

What Vitamin Will Prepare The Body For A Pregnancy?

According to consultant obstetrics and gynaecology specialist Dr Tan, pre-conceptional nutrition is very important especially since diets today may not be as complete in terms of nutritional value. Dr Tan says, "You should take on a complete pre-natal multi-vitamin and folate supplement at least three months prior to your desired conception time. This would also apply to your husband so as to ensure that his sperm are in tip-top condition."

Do refrain from alcohol and smoking, if you are on medication for any particular medical problem, inform your doctor to check that it is safe for the early pregnancy period. "Lastly, watch your health, such as eating well and getting enough rest to optimize chances of success," he says.


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