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Tips For Working Dads

Raise The Kids Yourself

It's important to be as hands-on and involved as possible in their upbringing so you forge a closer relationship and don't miss our on any part of their childhood.

Maintain Constant Communication

Even when your work keeps you away, you should check on them by phone, and when you are overseas on business trips, call back home as often as you can just to hear their voices. Gestures like these show you're thinking about them.

Explain Why You can't Be With Them All The Time

When your kids ask why you need to work so much, explain to them that you need to make money in order to afford them their favorite toys and VCDs, etc.

Make Sacrifices

Cut down on sleep and social activities to make time to straddle work and family commitments. You just used to prioritise your responsibility accordingly and take it from there.

Practise A Division Of Labor

Shares the chores with your wife and ensure that one of you is always around when the other isn't so that your children never neglected by either of you.

Reasons Why You Should Argue In Front Of The Kids

  • Constructive arguing allows you to model respectful disagreement.

  • Children see conflict resolution in action.

  • Conflict spotlights individuality. It's important for kids to understand that Mum and Dad have their own ideas and views

  • Kids need to see that emotions are part of life. They need to know how to handle a range of emotions.

Dish-out Jobs To Little Helpers

Explores the jobs that you can dish-out to eager little helpers without causing yourself a tonne of extra work or piercing a hole through your patience.

Washing The Car

This is a favorite for many kids but don't enlist their help unless you are willing to get wet. Assign them one part of the car to wash and don't make a fuss if they get soaked. Who knows, making it a fun activity for the entire family may just take the chore out the weekly washes.


Make your child in charge of putting cans, plastic bottles and newspapers into designated boxes meant for the recycling bin. Be sure to explain to them why the recycling exercise is necessary - They will feel even more important knowing they're helping the environment too.

Spray Cleaning

Fill a spray bottle with something safe like a vinegar/water mixture (kids tend to get carried away spraying), give them a cloth, and point them towards a table, sliding glass door, or low window that has been securely grilled and locked. Set some safety rules and make sure they do not use the spray on their siblings or pets.

Loading The Washing Machine

This task definitely requires adult supervision, but it is a big hit. Teach them how to separate whites from the colors. Need to kill some time and inject more fun to the chore? Play "basketball" with the dirty clothes.

Counting Groceries

Have your child help you to put the groceries away. At the same time, give them practice with counting - "How many carrots did I buy? How many bars of soap? How many cans of soup? How many boxes of cereal?" Putting away groceries will take sometime this way, but it's just as educational as any expensive toy you are eager to spend "quality time" playing together.


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