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Reality Check For Parents

Reality Check For Parents

It's great to involve your kids with your daily chores, as long as you keep your expectations in check:

Be Realistic And Involved

Keep your expectations realistic and be sure the chores and are safe and appropriate for your child's age and abilities. Even toddlers can participate in small chores, but don't give more tasks than they can handle.

Don't Expect Perfection

If you ask your children to make their bed whether they followed through. Don't red a job your child has just finished. That destroys ego and initiative.

Have Fun

There's no rule that says all chores have to be tedious. Your kids might enjoy playing music while clearing the dinner table. Or you might talk about the day while sorting laundry together. Find opportunities to make this an enjoyable time for you and your family.

Be Patient

If you're introducing chores to young children, remember that their attention spans are limited and they're still learning how to cooperate. Be patient as they grow.

Pour On The Praise

If you want to encourage a particular behavior, positive reinforcement almost always works. Let your child know that you appreciate their efforts and that you value their assistance. A simple "thank you" will suffice. If they have been particularly good, you could reward them with an extra half-hour at their favorite playground or a set of crayons.

Three Golden Rules For Parents

Be Consistent, But Explain The Occurrence Of Exceptions

A child's reasoning is very 'black and white', so you need to teach them to identify when it is okay to make exceptions. For example, being trapped in a situation where no fastfood means having no food at all.

Decide Which Spouse Is Going To Be The Disciplinarian

Decide which of you will be the disciplinarian when your child gets naughty. Husband tends to be the disciplinarian because boys look more to the male figure for authority. 

Don't Set Impossible Standards For Yourself

Many people feel a lot of guilt because they can't live up to their own expectations of being an 'ideal' parent. This only causes unnecessary stress. Accept your own limitations and keep things simple.

Getting Into The ZZZZone

Babies tend to wake up at night for their feeds. However, if they're up and unusually hungry only at night, chances are, what they really want is not milk but some company and comforting. Experts - and this includes moms - say a good time to begin a "going-to-sleep" routine that gradually eliminates night feeds is when your baby is about three months old.

Hush Little Baby

Who really knows why babies cry? Why babies, of course. According to respected infant specialist Magda Gerber, one of the ways to deal with constant crying is to "ask the baby." As difficult or impossible as this sounds. When we focus on listening rather simply stopping the crying, out babies experience our full and responsive attention.

This tells babies that we trust their authority on their own feelings, and they'll realize that we don't just want to shush them but truly want to help them feel better. There is no right or wrong method for this: just observing, reviewing past experiences and "relying on sensitive trial and error."


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