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Preparing For Baby

A new mum always has lots of questions about parenthood, but there is always help around the corner to get you through pregnancy, childbirth and baby care. Here are some resources you can try:

Attend Antenatal Classes

As well as picking up lots of information and useful tips about the practicalities of baby care, you'll also have a chance to speak to some of the professionals whom you will meet later on during the pregnancy and delivery. You'll have lots of opportunities to meet other parents, too.

Share Your Ideas About Parenting

Discuss parenting with your spouse, for instance, about the sort of parents you would like to be, what hopes you have for your child, and how you will manage his behavior as he grows. You'll find that you don't agree on everything, but at least you have a chance to clarify your ideas with each other.

Consider Practical Supports

Of course you'll want to spend as much time as you can with your new arrival. However, you will also want some time away from your baby to recharge yourself. So start to draw up a list of people who might be able to act as babysitters, such as friends or relatives. The more people you have on this support list, the better.

Your Family

If your new arrival is fortunate enough to have grandparents, then you can turn to them for information and advice whenever you want. True, you may prefer to remain totally independent from the older generation, but the baby's grandparents can at least tell how they did things and what their attitudes to baby care were.

Chat With Your Family Doctor

It will help you to know the names of professionals who you can get in touch with after the baby has arrived, for support and advice. Keep these names and numbers handy.

Listen To Other Parents

Parenting is an individual experience, because each mother, father and baby have their own personalities, their own likes and dislikes, and their own strengths and weaknesses. Even so, it won't do you any harm to listen to ideas from other experienced parents. Remember that you don't actually have to take their advice.

Read About Parenting

Parenting books and magazines can be rich sources of information about all aspects of baby care and management. You not only find useful suggestions, you'll also gain a better understanding of what makes your baby tick. Most magazines and books also contain useful address and contacts.

Surf The Web

There are literally thousands of quality websites for new parents who are seeking more information about caring for their young baby. You'll find sites dedicated to feeding or sleeping issues, or toilet-training issues. Sites run by recognised childcare organisations tend to be extremely helpful.

Self-help Groups

There are lots of self-help groups to support new parents. Usually run by mums and dads who have already been through what you are experiencing, these groups are typically listed in the local telephone directory. Sometimes it can be more comforting and supportive to chat with another parent than with a professional.

Retain Control

Remind yourself that although other parents and professionals have a broader range experience than you, you are the parent of your child. The final choice of how to raise your baby rests with you. If you are confident that you have control over parenting, then you'll be able to calmly weigh up all the different sources of advice.


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