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Common Childhood Worries

What If She Drank The Water In The Bathtub?

If a child swallows some water from the bathtub, this should not send alarm bells ringing. However, this does depend on how much soap or detergent was put in the bath. The worst-case scenario is that the child might suffer from a stomachache, with vomiting and diarrhoa as effects from the child swallowing the soap that is present in the bath.

What If She Swallowed A Bottle's Worth Of Vitamin?

This depends on what vitamins have been taken. The watersoluble vitamins are not so dangerous as they can be excreted in the urine. However the fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K can be toxic Iron tablets, especially, can be dangerous. Parents must take extra care with iron vitamins as they often come looking like M&M chocolates and children will very often mistake these for sweets.

If a bottle's worth of vitamins is swallowed, please check the label to see what is the content found in that bottle. As an immediate measure, the child can be made to vomit. He can then be given some milk to delay absorption in the stomach. And if there is iron in the vitamins, parents must take the child to see a doctor or to the hospital's emergency department.

What If The Dog Licked Her Mouth?

No matter how clean a pet is, it still has many germs in its mouth. It would be wise not to let an animal lick, scratch or bite a child. Rinse out his mouth if possible, or wipe it with a towel and watch out for any illness. For older children, parents can ask the child to gargle some antiseptic mouthwash. This can help to remove any germs from the mouth area. Parents must then ensure that their child avoid similar contact in the future. 

What If She Hit Her Head During A Fall?

If a child hit her head, one would have to watch out for any symptoms of head injury and this includes whether she has experienced any loss of consciousness or vomiting after the accident. Parents should observe their child closely after a fall. Any change in behaviour or evidence of lethargy would indicate that something is wrong with the child. You should then seek immediate medical attention.

What If She Refused To Eat Any Vegetables?

Vegetables are good for everyone, but most children dislike them because of their taste. One way to get around this is to give the child a taste of vegetables early, when weaning her from milk. This way, she gets used to the taste and may find vegetables more acceptable. When the children are older, the mother or cook may have to find alternative and creative ways of making the vegetables more palatable or disguising it in other forms.

What If She Played In The Rain?

If a child played in the rain. It would be advisable to change her out of wet clothes, dry her up in a towel, put her in some dry clothing and keep her warm. If she were on the verge of catching a cold, she would likely come down with it. Theoretically, playing in the rain does not cause one to catch a cold, but staying in web clothes certainly makes her feel cold and if she is susceptible to catching a cold, she may come down with one.

What If She Swallowed Chewing Gum?

Assuming that the chewing gum did not go into the windpipe, the child would most likely excrete the gum. Chewing gum is a stable substance, so it can easily be passed out through the system. If it was a piece of metal that was swallowed, for example, then we would be worried about corrosion. If, however, the chewing gum did go down the windpipe, then the child's breathing would be compromised and parents should immediately seek medical attention.

What If He Split Hot Coffee On His Arm?

In the first place, all hot food and hot utensils should be kept away from children. If a hot liquid was spilt on a child, there would definitely be some scalding on the affected area. This area should then be cooled immediately by placing it under a cold running water and applying a cold compress as well as an antiseptic cream to it. This will reduce the extent of the damage to the underlying tissues and prevent any secondary infection. If there is blistering, do not pierce it but allow natural resolution. If a large area is scalded or the child is an infant or toddler, do seek medical consultation.

What If She Choked On A Peanut?

Small particles of food like peanuts or fishballs should not be given to young children as they can choke on them. Similarly, toys should be carefully chosen so that they are sturdy and that small bits cannot come apart for the child to swallow. Young children have very small airways, and if parts from a toy or a peanut lodges in the windpipe, they can choke and suffer from suffocation.

If this happens, the child should be placed on her front across the lap of an adult and patted on the back in an attempt to dislodge the foreign body. For the older child, the Heimlich manoeuvre should be applied. This means that the adult encircles the child's upper abdomen with his arms and pull in towards the child's spine in a sudden manner to dislodge the foreign body.

What If She Cut Her Leg With A Piece Of Broken Glass?

Glass is unlike metal, from which a child might get tetanus if it cut into her skin. If it is a piece of clean glass, for example, a broken flower vase and not some random piece of glass from the streets, the child is not going to have any serious infection. As a first-aid measure, clean the wound with water, remove any remaining bits of glass, and then apply antiseptic solution to it. The seriousness of the situation depends on how deep the cut is, the degree of bleeding and the area of the cut. There are important tendons - mainly around the foot - that when cut, is going to affect a person's mobility. 

If the cut pierces through any of these tendons, then medical attention is advised as doctors can then assess if any stitching is required. If the cut is a superficial one, meaning it is only a cut surrounding the superficial skin layer, then at most, the child needs to only have some tight stitching or a "glue" to mend the skin and affected area. If the cut is jagged and you suspect there may still be bits of glass in the wound, or if there is sustained bleeding or spurting of blood, this means that a big vessel may be cut, and it would be advisable to seek medical attention.


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