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Signs You Are Heading For A Breakup

For the past few months, your girlfriend and you have been inseparable. You are still crazy about her but there are signs that she may not feel the same about you anymore. Here are tell-tale signs which spell heart-break.

When You Call Her

  • She doesnt bother to return your calls and claiming her siblings didnt pass her the messages.
  • She only call back after you.
  • She gets irritated when you call more than once a day.
  • She makes lame excuses for not coming to the phone like shes taking a bath& four times a day!
  • There are so many long silences you begin to wonder if she has fallen asleep.
  • She insists that you should not call her and shell call you when shes free.

When You Are Alone

  • She never compliments or notices even after you spend a good hour getting ready for your date.
  • She doesnt want to go to the park or the beach anymore, she would rather hang out at crowded shopping centres.
  • When you are along? You dont know what thats like since now she always invites one of her many girl friends along.
  • She cancels your date at the last minute so she can hang out with her friends.
  • She doesnt mind that youve not seen each other for a few weeks.

When You Are In Public

  • She maintains a ten feet radius between the two of you at all times.
  • Forget about being mushy in public, she doesnt even want to hold hands in the movie theatre.
  • She introduces you as a friend to pals she meets on the street.
  • You cant spend the entire Saturday with him anymore. She always has other plans after lunch.

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