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Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Love You Anymore

If your girlfriend displays some of the break-up signs, don't run to her like a raving lunatic claiming that she doesn't love you anymore. There may be some valid reasons why she is ignoring you. She might have cancelled your date because a good friend was in dire straits or her sister really could have forgotten to tell her you called. This is what you can do if you suspect.

Isolated Incidents?

Firstly determine if the break-up signs are isolated incidents or if there is cause for worry. Also consider if she has valid reasons. If she does, then you might be over-reacting.

Talk It Out

Once you are certain that there is definitely something weird about your partner's behavior, talk to him about it. Instead of accusing her, explain that you have some concerns. If she insists that she's still crazy about you then discuss about the things which have hurt you and how you would like to be different.

Make A Decision

If you girlfriend admits that she is having some problems with the relationship, find out why she is behaving the way she is. There might be another girl or both your expectations of each other may be different or unfortunately, she could be tired of the relationship. In this case, try to take a break from each other for a month or two and see how things work out. Otherwise, you might just have to make the painful decision to call it quits.

Skin-deep Dating

Don't expect a soul-melding moment at first blush. A study of speed daters found that men and women determine interest in dating partners based almost solely on physical appearance. University of Pennsylvania researchers reviewed data from 10,526 people participating in HurryDate, a service in which people decide in three minutes whether they want to go out with each other. 

Shocker: Women like tall, handsome types; men tend to judge based on weight. "Women adjust like men in these situations - they go pretty much entirely by looks," says Jason Weeden, Ph.D. So find a scene that allows the real you to shine, he says: work, cultural or charity events, athletics.


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