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Girls Like It This Way

She Loves It When You…

  • Makes time for her even when you're really busy.
  • Forgoes a night out with your friends when she needs you around.
  • Buys silly little presents to show that she're on your mind.
  • Remembers important details like where both of you went to for the first date.
  • Knows exactly how to make her laugh when she's mad.
  • Hugs her lovingly when she has the flu.
  • Trust her enough to let her spend time alone with another guy.
  • Cleans up your vomit without muttering a word of complaint.
  • Makes an effort to be nice to her friends even when you can't stand them.
  • Guides her by your elbow lovingly in big crowds so she won't get lost.
  • Leaves her note with awkwardly self-drawn little bears.
  • Obliges her by seeing a soppy movie which you normally hates.
  • Eats the charred beef steak because she cooked it.

She Hate It When You...

  • Ignores her when you meet your friends.
  • Are not interested in listening about her plaster collection and you tells her so outright.
  • Says, "But I told you we're supposed to meet at 5.30!" about twenty times when she was late.
  • Does not offer to lend her money when she urgently needs it.
  • Buy her some computer software for her birthday and then borrows it all the time.
  • Arrived an hour late and says you didn't call because that would have delayed you further.
  • Are critical of her appearance (She really shouldn't have worn something so casual)
  • Takes your anger out on her when you has a bad day.

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