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Rejected? Bounce Back!

Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow. Your confidence hits an all time low and you feel like a scum. Before you crawl into the hole and vow never to ask another person out, here tips that will help you bounce back.

  • Think of all the reasons why your crush is a loser. She did have a dandruff problem, big butt and a intolerable squeaky voice.
  • Think positive that you are actually meant for someone better and more deserving.
  • All better? Now you can truly sit down and concentrate on your work without spending too much time, aggravation and money chasing an ingrate.
  • Talk to friends and make silly jokes out of your misfortune. By repeating your story over and over again, it'll lose its significance and you can begin to forget about it.
  • Things happen for a reason. Think, "Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."
  • Do something you are really good at. Trashing the pants off your mates at basketball or playing a mean game of tennis will do your ego a lot of good.
  • Spend half a day at the games arcade. Imagine your opponents to be your crush. Won't you have fun beating the daylights out of them?
  • Organize an outing with your bet buds - you'll be so busy having fun, there'll be no time to think of rejections.
  • You plan may have gone wrong somewhere, so take it as a learning experience and start afresh.

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