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Your Ideal Astro-money Partner

Aries Best Money Match

Virgo will keep you grounded. Also good: Leo and Sagittarius. Aries worst money partner: Capricorn is too strict!

Taurus Best Money Match

Cancer because both of you love planning your financial future. Also good: Virgo and Capricorn. Taurus worst money partner: Aries because too headstrong!

Gemini Best Money Match

Aries -  together youll always track down the best money deals. Also good: Virgo and Libra. Gemini worst money partner: Leo too spendthrift!

Cancer Best Money Match

Taurus = your financial future is assured. Also good: Vigo and Capricorn. Cancer worst money partner: Aquarius too unpredictable!

Leo Best Money Match

Capricorn = he knows how to make it, you know how to spend it. Also good: Aries and Sagittarius. Leo worst money partner: Scorpio too controlling

Virgo Best Money Match

Taurus - Youre both brilliant at managing your money. Also good: Gemini and Scorpion. Virgo worst money partner: Sagittarius too extravagant!

Libra Best Money Match

Leo = with your eye for investments, you and Leo could really hit the big time. Also good: Aries and Taurus. Libra worst money partner: Pisces - Too indecisive

Scorpio Best Money Match

Cancer = will support you while youre building your stash. Also good: Taurus and Capricorn. Scorpio worst money partner: Gemini too feckless!

Sagittarius Best Money Match

Libra - your Libran could help you spend more wisely. Also good: Aries and Gemini. Sagittarius worst money partner: Taurus too cautious!

Capricorn Best Money Match

Virgo - your Virgo is every bit as clever as you with his cash. Also god: Cancer and Scorpio. Capricorn worst money partner: Libra too frivolous!

Aquarius Best Money Match

Scorpio = Scorpio can help turn those brainwaves into megabucks. Also good: Gemini and Virgo. Aquarius worst money partner: Cancer too secretive!

Pisces Best Money Match

Capricorn = when in charge, you can relax. Also good: Caner and Libra. Pisces worst money partner: Virgo = too critical!


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