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3 Ways How Tech Savvy Dudes Would Do It

Valentine's Day is the day to show it. No need to spend a bomb. Just try a little digital tenderness. On this day for cupids and lovebirds, why rush for roses and chocolates when you can be different? A little digital effort can make a big impact on your love one.

Now, "Twink" The Stars

Lovers who game together can buy in-game upgrades for their significant other's virtual game character. Go for the best armour, weapons and cool accessories that money can buy. It is call "twinking" in game parlance. And you can do anything from making her look cooler to making her look Amazonian. Here's how:
  • Check if the game she plays allows twinking. 
  • Find out her in-game character's name, character type and level.
  • Buy the gear.
  • If you have access to the character, log in directly to the character and outfit it with the upgrades as a surprise gift.

Tune In To Her Love

Forget the soppy commercial melodies. Write your own thing. Don't know music? No worries. Here is how to tune in.
  • Download a music program such as Band-in-a-box (, Mixman Studio ( or Sonic Foundry Acid (
  • Each program comes with templates that help you to compose. Pick the program you are most comfortable with.
  • Generate your composition as creatively as you can and record it. Add your voice dedication before you burn it on a CD-ROM. 
  • Give your work a romantic title and use a CD label maker software to create a professional-looking album. Or simply design and print your own album cover with your love message.

Ring In Your Song On The Phone

Every couple has at least one special song that reminds them of their magical moments: the first date or kiss, and weeding. Relive the tender moments on Valentine's Day - on your loved ones' cellphone.
  • Search for your song at Include the ".mid" or ".mp3" in your keyword search, depending on the formats supported on your partner's phone.
  • Download the best version to your computer
  • Connect your partner's mobile phone via USB or infrared and upload the tune
  • Associate the ringtone to your mobile phone number. Some phone models even let you associate an image such as your favorite picture
  • Now test the tune by calling the phone. When she least expects it, call and surprise her.

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