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Where Do You Like To Kiss?

Do you know that the body part where you love to kiss most reflects your personality type? 


You have a strong passion for life and at the same time a peaceful nature. Though you are a forgiving person. You also demand respect from other people. You have good interpersonal and communication skills. As such, you have a fulfilling social life and you also tend to have many friends around you who think that you are gentle and understanding.


You are someone who needs plenty of love and passion. You do not mind sacrificing everything just for the sake of love. You express your love in a wild and passionate way. However, you are also equally capable of becoming a vicious lover, manipulating your partner to achieve certain selfish goals.


Sex is essential to you in a relationship! You value friendship, loyalty and you have a strong desire for love and sex. You tend to be playful by nature and you just cannot stay long at a place without feeling uneasy. As a result, it is very difficult for you to establish a strong foundation for your career and it is advisable that you do not change your job with no strong reasons.


Friendship is very important to you and you value peace above all other things. You are generous and willingly share most of your prized possessions with your friends. It does not bother you even if you are shot-changed by other people. To you, the world is a better place is if everyone is living in peace and harmony. You have a kind heart and you try not to harbor bad thoughts about other people. Maintaining a long lasting and affectionate relationship is your forte.


Being a sensitive person, you can accurately guess what is on a person's mind. You possess a disposition to appreciate or share the feelings and thoughts of others. However, you can also be someone who cracks jokes at the expense of others. Towards relationships, you are not affected by emotional constraints and is very expressive.


You are someone who is governed by a great sense of loyalty. When you kiss someone's lips, you are actually expressing the hope of having one's true love. You also tend to have a strong moral values.


Flirtatious by nature, you are unlikely to be someone that dreams of everlasting love. Although your passion for things is very strong., it does not last long and will fade away in just a while. Even when you are no longer in love with your partner, you tend to be selfish and demand him/her to love you still.

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