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In love? Have love? Need Love?

A little digital effort can make a big impact on your loved one. Here are 3 ways to get you started.

For Star-Crossed Lovers

You want her to know how much you adore her. And to shout it out from a mountain top! What to do? 
  • Surf On To
  • Sign up for a blog account and choose a site name - is good
  • Write the first post: "My dearest Joanne, I am blogging this Especially For You.".
  • Email all your friends the URL, then blog some more.
  • Wait for Joanne to hear that you have started a blog delicated to her

Play That Again

If you are giving her a music player, load it up with couple of romantic tunes.
  • Go through your CDs, chose the songs you want and encode the tracks into MP3 files
  • Transfer them into your gift; the player should come with a utility to do this. Otherwise, you can always use Windows Media Player or iTunes.
  • Create a custom playlist of the romantic titles so she can quickly play back the selections.

Show A Video

Surprise the missus by putting together a fun music video of the kids, starting from the earliest footage to the most recent. Present to her as a DVD, or a video file that plays on her iPod video.
  • Fast forward through your Mini-DV tapes (or media storing your old footage) and write down the snippets you want.
  • Launch a video editing software like Windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie, or the software supplied with the video camera.
  • Connect the camera to the computer and transfer the required shots from your tapes or media.
  • Arrange the captured clips on the timeline, and throw in transitions and visual effects. Keep the movie four minutes long.
  • Rip a lovey-dovey song from an audio CD, and place on the timeline's audio track.
  • Save the project and render the movie. Use a DVD creation software to burn a DVD. Play the movie with the light dimmed and the popcorn ready.

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