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The Power Of Love

So why do we lose our grip on sensible thinking when we're in love? Passionate love triggers the same areas in the brain that are affected in substance abuse. Love is a drug. It behaves like a drug and it involves the same basic chemicals that drug abuse involve.

Not surprising then that you can do all sorts of crazy things when you're hung on your partner. You will walk out of college, give up our job, move on to a different country. You might even walk down the aisle with somebody you don't know. When you feel madly in love, you honestly think it will last forever. But love like any drug, can mess up your life.

Help, I'm Dating A Poseur! What is it with these born-again metrosexuals? There's nothing worse than a guy who's more girlie than his girl. Here're top 5 solutions:

  • Hide his hair gel. Don't return it unless he promises he can get his 'do done in under five minutes.
  • Point out other similarly-tarted up fellas and comment, "I can't stand guys who're too vain. DO you think he's gay?" Drive the point home by 'jokingly' calling your boyfriend 'My sister'.
  • Refuse to go shopping with him.
  • Get him started on a new hobby that has nothing to do with dressing up.
  • If all fails, threaten to break up with him. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

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