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What Do You Do When Your Girlfriend Clings To You?

For most guys, the whole fear surrounding the "C" word - as in "c" for commitment - has a great deal to do with not wanting to lose your freedom and independence. But then you finally overcome that fear and plunge into a relationship& only to find that you've got a girlfriend who clings to you. What do you do?

The Stone Cold Approach

This method may not go down too well with your girl. If she's not too understanding about it all, you may regret the day you chose this approach to try to repel her iron grip. Basically, this approach involves you having to act like a frigid, uninterested party. When she wraps herself around you, just stiffen up and stare at a drink/painting/lizard on the wall/nothing in particular.

Not the most interesting approach, but if you're really impatient, she will eventually get the idea and unhinge herself from you. This approach applies when you can't bring yourself to tell her how much you need your space. You don't want to offend her and make her feel as lovable as a dentist with a drill, yet, at the same time, you can't pretend to yourself that you don't mind at all about her everpresent presense.

The Stone Age Approach

This method is definitely not recommended for guys who have new-age girlfriends. Chances are, she might club you to death before you can even raise your hand. This approach goes way back to Captain Caveman times, when clubbing was rather well looked upon in terns of getting rid of unwanted elements, Of course, this physical approach, unlike in prehistoric times, cannot involve real violence now, but some prying techniques involving force never really hurt anybody.

Of course, she might not appreciate that very much and decide to smack you silly with her new-age self-defence skills (do note that girls nowadays have picked up the most obscure forms of self-defence and are terribly adept at using their hands or legs to inflict terrible pain on you). Therefore, this method is not to be tried if you aren't suer what kind of defence skills you possess, nor know your own strength. In fact, this is rather a risky approach if you can neither defend yourself against physical nor verbal attack. And this is probably the painful way that cavemen eventually evolved&

The Excuse Approach

This approach is otherwise known as lying. And as with all situations where lying is involved, it is doomed from the start. Or rather, you are doomed from the start. This approach is usually taken if you're the kind who would rather be hung by the toenails then face up to your girlfriend about a relationship problem.

So, instead of either taking a subtle approach (see Stone cold approach), or tacking the problem head-on, you resort to coming up with all kinds of excuses to be alone. Well, you can't hide out in the loo for very long, and it's only a matter of time before she finds out the true. So this method of getting some space by hiding out will eventually just lead to a no-girlfriend situation. Not very wise.


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