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Women Who Prey On Men

Women who prey on younger men are cougars and they bring out the beast in him. My friend, Steve, recently got an offer from a woman he's been meeting at his gym, a bank HR executive. After a few weeks of chatting, petting and late-night drinks, she invited him to move into her condo.

His share of the rent would be just $100, so God forbid that anyone should accuse him of freeloading. Steve is 10 years younger than the woman. When I asked if he knew what kind of a game she was playing, his reply was a goofy grin. Say no more. I could, you see, smell a cougar from a mile away.

Tough Girl According to American lifestyle publications, Cougarism is the latest trend among modern, sophisticated and professional women. A euphemism for an older woman who actively seduces young and thoroughly virile bucks, a cougar is looking for a purely physical relationship.

Sex columnists all over have been raving about this latest development in the gender battleground. Think Sex and the City. Think Desperate Housewives. Think The Nanny star Fran Drescher, 47, who actually lived with a man 15 years her junior for four years, and reenacted her 'conquest' on a TV show, Living with Fran.

No longer derogatory, applied to desperate women who work late in the office before hitting the bars to pick up an aimless college boy, the label 'cougar' is now worn with pride by women in their 30s or 40s who have achieved financial success, and looking for a toy boy to amuse themselves with.

It is a situation that can only backfire. Young men need to inculcate respect for women in their early adulthood in order for them to develop a healthy self-image as husbands and fathers. But after becoming seduced into the receiving end of a cougar-prey relationship, I believe they will suffer from a terribly dysfunctional sense of gender responsibility.


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