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Pleasing Your Woman

In truth only a woman knows what pleases her. But the man has to be seen to show her he is still trying to please her {even after years together). And it is not the little things that count (like diamonds you have to take a magnifying glass to) but major stuff. Really big things, like when she says meet her at Carrefour in a shopping centre, it would pleasure her indeed if you read her mind.

Nothing displeases her more than your absurd explanation of how you were early and yon thought you would go to Carrefour to check out the latest kitchen appliances. And if you bought one, a bread or ice cream maker, man you are truly stupid. There, there, you see, it proves you were not listening when she said she was on this no-carbo, no-dairy diet.

Another very important way a man can please a woman is to show up. Just come with me and make an appearance, never mind the details, whose baby's party, why you can't stand the successful husband etc. Just say yes to everything. That'll please her, some. And when she says yes, engage the grey cells, absorb that it's not confirmed, variety is the sex of life, yes is also maybe, don't know, not sure, see how first, play by ear.

Play by ear here is not an invitation, and less so when she's had her hair done. For a man to please a woman, he must refrain from being himself. Oh she is so going to deplore that, and if in public, ouch. When other girls flirt with him, she is not displeased, it means she's caught the real deal. Flirt back, and read vitalsexual minus his vitals.

Telling her that he has not given up the quest for her G spot-even though it's more mysterious than the lost continent of Atlantis-oh this will court her unconfined pleasure, provided you don't just pay lip service. There are a few women who find nothing so pleasing as when she says "jump" and he asks "how high?"- But I believe for all women, nothing comes close to the pure unadulterated pleasure to be derived from a man who will stop.


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