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Flirting General Guide

Flirting is not about sex or sensuality, it is about making friends. There are many levels of friendliness and you apply them based on what you want out of a situation. Don't offer your telephone number to someone just because you want him to pass the salt, instead, compliment his taste in shirts or point out hoes you have read the book he is holding.

After two minutes of talk, he will be passing you not just the salt but the pepper and sauce, if not paying for your entire meal! Not all flirting will lead to friendships. Sometimes we do it for a bit of harmless fun but most times, because it is easier to be nice.

And as with everything else the do, it is important to remember there is a time and place for flirting. Don't flirt with your best friend's brother when she's crying over a failed test, don't flirt with your neighbor when his dog just died and don't ever flirt with someone going through a tragedy.

It is in bad taste and no amount of reasoning would justify your taking advantage of the situation. Below, is a general guide to help you prepare for your new social calendar. Develop yourself at your own pace and allow a bit of who you are to come through when you meet people.

Don't pretend to be something you are not and never blow out someone else's candle to make yours seem brighter. Remember, flirting is positive and fun behavior. It enhances your social life and helps you make new friends. Don't take it too seriously, learn to enjoy yourself and the company of others.

Developing A Sociable Personality

All those years of waiting by the phone for someone to call should be exorcised from your life! Pick up the phone and call your friends instead. If you make the effort, chances are, they would return your kindness.

Nurture A Sense Of Humor

We have all heard the saying about how "laughter is the best medicine". II laughter can cure ills, think what it can do for your social life! Laughter is contagious and nothing bents someone who knows exactly when to deliver a funny line to break the ice. They may not remember your name but they are not likely to forget the person who told it.

Be Positive

In the old days of imperial rule, the bearer of good news always collected a reward while the bearer of bad news got his head chopped off. In more recent times, we pay millions of dollars to gurus every year to have them reinforce in us what we already know, that staying positive is important. In short, don't underestimate the importance of positivity and recognise that a depressing person would draw a depressing crowd.

Cultivate Confidence

Learning to have confidence in yourself takes time and reflecting that in your daily life requires practise. A straight posture, a firm handshake and steady eye contact goes a long, long way in making that first impression.

Practise Good Manner

Nothing is more repulsive than someone who has bad manners. Because it not only speaks volumes about the person he is, it also reflects badly on his background. Remember that if you ever catch your celebrities digging their nose in public, they're going to look a lot less attractive to you.

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