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Things You Can Change About Her

Her Degree Of Sexual Creativity

While in the moment, mention that watching her on top of you is better than watching porn and she will work extra hard to put on a show.

Her Mood Swings

Feed her a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate, and a few compliments, and her irritable outbursts will subside.

Her Intolerance Of Your Tardiness

If you have to work late, bring home some flowers, or even just a single flower (a rose, for instance), and all will be forgiven.

Her Jealousy About Your Female Friends

If she has a hard time when you hang with your gal pals, invite her to join you once in a while she'll probably say no, but she'll know you're not trying to hide anything.

Her Lack Of Interests In Sports

If you want her to become a soccer fan, take her to a local game. She'll get into the action more when she sees it live.

Her Bikini Line

Mention in passing that you think a clean-shaven bikini region is hot, and expect a surprise in the bedroom a few nights later.

Her Cooking, Or Lack Thereof

She may burn microwave popcorn, but if you mention that your mum is a fabulous chef or that your ex used to make the best meatballs you've ever tasted, you better believe that tomorrow night you will be in for a feast.

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