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Is There A Way To Get Woman To Commit?

There are some women who belongs to the if it aint broken& genre of women who enjoys being in a comfort zone. They need a little more time and guts and some nudging from good friends to agree on marriage. However, it doesnt hurt to put yourself in her shoes and see what could be preventing her from taking things a step further.

Does she have any worries and concerns on you? Do you have any heavy-financial commitments? Or maybe things are not as perfect from her viewpoint as it is from yours? Martial bliss is not complete without proper accommodation to live and sufficient financial. Could there be something about YOU and your relationship that she doesnt feel comfortable with? Is there something she wants in a husband and a marriage that she feels she couldnt get from you?

The last few possibilities are hard to admit to but you have to soul search a little and even ask her if she finds being with you fulfilling. Tell her honestly that the fairest things is to give yourselves a timeframe to consider marriage say, five to six months. By having a timeframe, it will help you to reopen the conversation at another time. Her reaction to all this will also be quite telling judge for yourself if shes a lost cause or shes just lost for the moment.

What's The Rush?

You biological clock is ticking but theres something to be said about taking your time. Contrary to popular belief, its not how much you love each other that can best predict the future of your relationship, but how conflicts can disagreements are handled. Some situations that could cause marital conflict:

  • If you got married so you can be a happy person
  • If you married someone who is not as intelligent as you are
  • If you married someone with children from another relationship
  • If you felt pressured to get married
  • If you got married to fulfill your sexual hunger only
  • If you got married for someone to fill your emotional or spiritual emptiness
  • If you married someone not of your faith
  • If you married someone with a totally different view about life

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