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Simple Acts Of Love To Keep The Flame Alive

Sending Love Message

Call, email and send a mobile message to each other during the day, you don't have to bog the phone for hours or type a long message - a few minutes are enough for you to say "I am thinking about you."

Be Creative And Imaginative

Surprise Each Other. Be spontaneous, plan outings, go on a private dates. Do whatever it was you use to do while dating.

Have Fun Together

Play together. Pick up a sport or hobby - anything to create an excuse to play as a couple. This is especially critical for couples who work together professionally and who find that the tensions of the office come home with them and vice versa!

Deliberately Engage Each Other

Husbands - watch a movie with her even if you would rather sleep, and wives, watch a football match with him even when David Beckham is not playing. Let them know you want to spend time alone with them.

Be Open With Your Affections

Be generous with non-sexual contact and go back into habit of holding hands. It will do wonders for your intimacy - especially in your old age!

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