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How To Dress Like The Guy On The Wedding Cake?

Dissect Your Best Clothes

You have one blazer you always wear? One pair of jeans you abuse like hell while others go untouched in your closet? Take your clothes to a fine tailor and ask why you like those particular pieces of clothing. Write down all the characteristics. Armed with this information, you can buy only from designers who emphasise the exact traits you need-no who expensive trial and error.

Pick A Name

And stick with it. Every designer - Hugo Boss, Joseph Abboud, Armani, Zegna - cuts his suits, shirts, and pants a little differently. Talk to the tailor about what will look best on you, try them on, and then sign on for life.

Test-Drive Your Closet

You should have two well-tailored, perfectly fitting outfits for romantic ventures that require looking like you care. These should be the finest-made, most stylish clothes you own (i.e., the ones that make you feel most confident). For backup, have at least four other perfectly fitting outfits that create different looks-and make you feel just as confident.

Build, Don't Copy

Most men have a closetful of duplicates-n copies of roughly the same shirt, trousers, socks, ties, everything. It's a waste. Each time you eye a piece of clothing, make sure it's of high quality and a significant addition to your wardrobe. Unless both are true, you should save your money for something that is.

Never Be Trendy

Women don't want trendy men. Develop a style that's your own.

Own Three Tees

Buy fine Egyptian-cotton T-shirts in dark colors, like gray, navy, and maroon. These eye-catching T-shirts are dressy, and wearing them under a shirt or jacket will add style to your look.

Have A Backbone

These three components form the spine of a well-built wardrobe, says Castaneda.

One Stable Suit - It must fit you with utter perfection, and it should look better than the suits you wear to work.

Dark Khaki Pants - Choose classy, all-purpose pants. Pair with them with your navyjacket.

A Crisp White Shirt - Instant class for any outfit.

Consider Going Custom

It costs more to have a fitted shirt. It's worth $100, too. Women-especially ones who wouldn't normally speak to me - notice.

Shop Aggressively

Go to high-end manufacturers' sales. Make strategic strikes and fill your closet with quality.

The Goddess Is In The Details

Women notice subtle expressions of confidence and know how. They notice that you don't wear pleated pants, because you know plain-fronts look better on almost any man and make you look slimmer. That you wear dress shirts without pockets on dates, because they're more stylish than your work shirts. That once in a while you pair a vertically striped shirt with a horizontally striped tie, just because you can. If you can manage these subtleties, you are a man in command. That's the marrying kind.


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