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My Boyfriend And Best Friend Hate Each Other!

When the two most important people in your life can't bear the presence of other what can you do? Jacqueline shares her dreadful experience. I know I'm not the only girl who's ever been tormented by the  my-best-friend-hates-my-boyfriend-and-he-can't-stand-her-either ordeal. Any girl who's ever found herself in this situation knows just how messy and painful it can get. The spiral of trouble began when John* asked me to be his girlfriend. I was ecstatic!

But my best friend Huey didn't share my joy. Let me tell you, not having your best pal's back in moments like these sucks big-time, especially because Huey has been my best friend since forever. And to think people say that a relationship's about the two people in it! As all three of us were schoolmates, Huey had seen John around school but she wasn't fond of him right from the start.

She saw him and his friends as immature young boys who just hung around doing mindless things. I spent my time with each of them feeling more and more like a mediator rather than a girlfriend and friend. Each time I wanted to make plans, I had to choose between the two and neither gave me much of a choice. Believe me, two people fighting for your attention was not flattering. I was weary and constantly afraid I would tread on someone's toes.

With a hope for reconciliation, I got the three of us to hang out together. It was beyond awful! Even though they were cordial with each other (I'm sure there was some rolling of eyes under the feigned courtesy), the negative vibe and thick tension strangled the blind optimism out of me! I felt like I was with two quiet strangers. Huey's coldness and silence was definitely un-her!

I was so frustrated that by the end of the day, I was wishing they'd just yell at each other to get whatever anger they had out of their systems and be done with this inane conflict. Pretty soon after that, I found it tough to share my stories with Huey. Which felt terrible because we were the closest friends ever - having slumber parties, picking out sleazy bits from scandalously trashy novels, exploring the newest eating joints, consoling each other on post-exam results and daydreaming about our future.

But with her serious intolerance for anything John-related, I couldn't tell her about my first kiss. And I certainly couldn't confide in her when John and I had problems because I knew she would persuade me to dump him. It's been two years since then and we've all moved on to different schools. John and I are still happy together, but Huey and I slowly drifted apart.

My advice? Don't expect the boyfriend and best friend to mingle or become pals. They're like oil and water. Sure, it hurts when the two people you love just abhor each other but for the sake of each relationship, I'm keeping these two people apart from now on.


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