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Be Decisive And Action Oriented

One of the marks of successful people is that they think carefully and then they make decisions quickly. They discipline themselves to take action and to carry out the decisions they have made. They move fast and they get quick feedback from their actions. If they find they have made a mistake, they quickly self-correct and try something else.

The key to triumph is for you to try. Successful people are decisive and they try far more things than the average person. By the Law of Probabilities, if you try far more different ways to be successful, the odds are that you will find the right way for you at the right time. Unsuccessful people are indecisive. They know that they should do or stop doing certain things but they do not have the character or the willpower to make firm decisions. As a result, they drift through life never happy, fulfilled or successful.

They never become wealthy or achieve financial independence. They settle for far less than is possible for them. When you become decisive and action oriented, you shift your entire life into high gear. You get far more done in a day than the average person. You move ahead far faster than the people around you.

You actually tap into a higher source of energy, enthusiasm and motivation that fills you full of joy and exhilaration which propels you forward even faster toward your goals. Ask yourself, "What one action, if I did it immediately, could have the greatest positive impact on my results?" Whatever your answer to that question, just do it!


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