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Up And Down Cycles

Be prepared to climb from peak to peak in your life and in your career. Just as a mountain climber who has reached one peak must go down into the valley to climb to another peak, your life will be the same. Your life and career will be a series of ups and downs. As they say, life is two steps forward and one step back.

All of business life is cycles and trends. There are up cycles and down cycles. There are trends in business that can often lead to a complete change in the industry. We see this today with the Internet and the expansion of technology in all directions, changing many of our fixed ideas and beliefs about the way business is done.

Develop long-time perspective. Take the long view in everything you do. Plan two, three, four and five years into the future and dont allow yourself to get onto an emotional roller coaster with the short-term ups and downs of daily life. Keep reminding yourself that everything in your life goes in cycles and trends.

Be calm, confident and relaxed with short-term fluctuations in your fortune. When you have clear goals and plans that you are working on every day, the general trend line of your life will tend to be onward and upward over the years.


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