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Learning For Success

There are several keys to lifelong learning. The first key is that you get up and read in your field for 30 to 60 minutes each day. Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body. When you read for an hour each day, this will translate into about one book per week.

One book per week will translate into 50 books per year. 50 books per year will translate into 500 books over the next 10 years. Since the average adult reads less than one book per year, when you begin reading one hour per day it will give you an incredible edge in your field.

You will become one of the smartest, most competent and highest paid people in your profession by simply reading one hour each day. The second key to lifelong learning is for you to listen to audio programs, especially in your car as you drive from place to place. The average person sits in his car 500 to 1000 hours per year.

This is the equivalent of 12 to 24 40 hour weeks or as much as three to six months of working time that you spend in your car. This is the equivalent of one to two full time semesters at the university. Turn your car into a learning machine, into a university on wheels. Never let your car motor be running without an educational audio program playing.

Many people have become millionaires through the miracle of audio learning. This is why audio learning is often called the "greatest breakthrough in education since the invention of the printing press." A third key to lifelong learning is for you to take every course and seminar you can possibly find that can help you to be better in your field.

The combination of books, audio programs and seminars will enable you to save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, and many years of hard work, in achieving the same level of financial success. Make a decision today to become a lifelong learner. You will be amazed at the affect that it has in your career.


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