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Fear Of Failure


Fear in its rational form is essential as it is fundamental to keeping out of harms way and guides our actions to self-preservation. In its irrational form, it is the source of stagnation, missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. Unfortunately, fear is part of daily life. It manifests itself in circumstances such as public speaking, meeting someone important or venturing into new activities.

Risk Aversion

Risk Aversion makes you wrestle between doing the right thing according to what has been tried and tested rather than doing whatever it takes to succeed. It makes you believe too much in the old adage, once bitten twice shy. While this may be true on occasions, it reinforces the belief that you have failed that you have failed once and should not try again. It stops you from doing things differently, because introducing new concepts, making new alliances, and exploring new ventures requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

Preserving Self-Image

Preserving your image and dignity is essential, but when it is driven by an egocentric impulse, it can be a major impediment to progress. Many people fear what others will think or say about becoming introverted and are unable to take the right initiative to reach their goal. Having the courage of your thoughts and opinions will make you bounce back into the fray with renewed self-confidence.


When people accumulate a certain amount of wealth, they often become more cautious and slow down. This is called protecting the nest egg. This is a laudable effort, but it can also lead to a sense of false security, because what may seem enough to secure your needs today may not be so in the future. When you could buy with $5 years ago will probably cost you much more now. So when you are doing you sums, think 20 years into the future. The picture will make you think again and may lead you to be less conservative.

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