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Delivery And Tone

Generally speaking, a low register and a slightly slower than average speed give authority to a speakers words. At the opposite end of the scale, someone who speaks quickly and has a high-pitched and squeaky voice generally has little credibility. You can work on lowering the pitch of your voice if you feel it is a little too close to the squeaky end of the scale. Heres is an exercise that helps

  • Choose a tune you know well, and simply hum it out loud. The well-known tune, Happy Birthday, works well for this, due to its predominantly mid-range notes. The register of your humming is your natural voice pitch.
  • Now, gradually slide out of the humming and say a few words on the same level as the humming.
  • Next, hum the tune again, but this time consciously at a lower pitch, and then slide into saying the words again.
  • Do this several times until you can lower your pitch at will, and consciously use the new level as often as possible at work.

Speech that is too fast is also a credibility robber, but fortunately, this is easy to correct. Listen to your own voice on tape, and if it sounds too fast, simply slow down. Here is an effective method to improve your overall delivery:

  • Choose someone on television who has credibility, in whose words you feel inclined to place your trust perhaps a newscaster or an interviewees.
  • Record a five-minute segment of that persons speech and listen to it several times.
  • Now, listen to the first minute and repeat it yourself, emulating the speakers tone as much as possible. That means the speed, pitch and intonation.
  • Do the same with each minute in turn, and then try the whole segment.

This technique is called tape and ape, and it will go a long way in improving your own delivery because these people are professionals whose jobs depend on how well they present information.


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