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Building A Healthy Ego

It takes self-discipline and training to build a healthy ego. Here are some effective ways:

Create A Positive Portfolio

Compile articles on self-acceptance. Jot down memorable quotes. Make a note when you have done something well, when someone compliments you and when you have been assertive.

Learn To Say "No"

People want others to think well of them or at least, not to be angry with them. When you try to please everyone, you reinforce the weakness in your ego. This can create resentment and anger. Do only what you are willing to do, do not let yourself be forced into doing anything. Learn to say "no".

Face Problems

Problems may be opportunities in disguise. If you learn to face problems and develop appropriate skills to solve them, they will turn out to be opportunities for you too.

No One Is Perfect

Remember that everyone has faults and imperfections. Most of the time, there are not visible. So, do not punish yourself for your shortcomings. Learn to accept yourself as you are.

Identify Your Talent

There are certain things you do well and things you know you can do better. Recognize your natural talents. Do not moan the lack of certain qualities. Appreciate that everyone has different strengths.

Do Not Make Comparisons

Stop comparing yourself with others. Each of us is unique and special in our own right. Do not waste time envying the success of other people.

Stay Positive

Associate with positive, upbeat people. Stay away from people who do not accept you as you are.

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