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Give Your Ego A Positive Boost

A healthy ego is the sum of self-confidence and self-respect. Your ego performs a critical function. It defines your sense of self. It defines your sense of self. It identifies you as distinct and unique. Personal conflicts and protecting yourself are expressions of ego that inhibit personal effectiveness and make problems difficult to solve.

Weak egos compensate through excessive control and manipulation and the endless search for more power and authority. A person with a weak ego has difficulty learning from others and thus limits the expansion of his knowledge base.

If You Have A Healthy Ego, You Are

  • Able to relate to others, compassionate and concerned
  • Strong, free of fear
  • Non-manipulative, you let others take the lead when appropriate
  • Truthful, unafraid to see and deal with reality as it is
  • Goal-oriented, you persist until the goal is achieved and still maintain the necessary flexibility to change
  • Open-minded, innovative, willing to learn new methods.

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