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Living Life To The Fullest

If you find yourself relating to all these issues and more, the good news is that climbing out of this seemingly hopeless mire is much easier than expected. All it takes is balancing your inevitable responsibilities with doing the things you've always wanted. Taking the first step towards getting more out of life means downsizing your commitments, expectations, financial obligations and activities.

Ask yourself if they are actually necessary; and rank highly among the things you should be chasing after instead: health, strong relationships, self-confidence. Start by looking at all the things you've always wanted to do and re-prioritising them - making sure to delete those which are no longer applicable. In the same way, list all your responsibilities and rc-prioritise them. Look at what you actually need not do or can delegate.

Then comes to tricky, part: reconciling the two lists. To do this, you need to shift your perspective. Look at the short, mid and long-term timeframes, bearing in mind an all-encompassing point of view - yours, your family's, society's. From there, you'll find you're able to be honest with yourself about the things that really matter.

Along the way; you also have to let go of your fears. Don't hold on to unattainable goals in a vice grip, just because changing your mindset would mean creating havoc when it comes to lifestyles, spending habits or might mean you have to leave a comfort zone.It's normal to fear change, which happens for reasons including having to sacrifice what you are enjoying at the moment, destabilising a routine, or even fears of losing your identity or letting other people down.

But everything goes through phases and cycles - including human life, societies, nature, seasons, planet Earth. We need to stop wanting things to go the way we want, surrender and just work to be the best we can be. If you feel you are going nowhere, perhaps it is because you've never had a dear destination in mind. Very often, people simply base their lives on their peers', ageing what everyone else is doing. The result? Everyone ends up in the same boat. Clearly, in such instances, "monkey see, monkey do" is a really bad idea.

Remember, you are the mistress of your domain, so you call all the shots. Not society. Not the industry you work in. Not your friends. After all, you want to be a person who is who you really want to be - not one who has been moulded by circumstances and people you hangs out with. As the famous Microsoft slogan goes, "Where do you want to go today:" Ask yourself that question often, and perhaps you'll find more direction and get a clearer idea of your own gameplan - and he the happier for it.


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