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Beyond I, Me And Myself

We are all created for a purpose bigger than ourselves. In order to serve this purpose we must realize that life is not about us. And only when we are serving the purpose for which we are made, will we be completely and totally happy. Your life will fall together, you will prosper, and you will find the meaning of your existence, achieving something that billions around the world seek to do every day.

So its not about marrying the right guy, having the right children, doing the right job, living the ideal worldly life thats going to make you happy. Its discovering your purpose (which is never about yourself, youll see) and then living the daylights out of that purpose.

To live out your true purpose, you need to obliterate this selfish person you currently are. Its ongoing work, so be prepared to be getting better at it for the rest of your life. I know how hard its to make a change once youve been use to your unique self. But first take a good hard look in your life, and stop making excuses for yourself.

You can start by giving up of yourself every day, just a little each day. Serve others and make it a practice. Serve your wife, your parents, your colleagues, your children and your strangers. Give way to them, let them choose for once, and happily accede to their choices. Experts believe it takes about 14 days to form a habit. Wear a rubber band around your wrist for the next two weeks. Each time you say, But I& or even think it, snap yourself with the rubber band.

Resist the desire to do what comes naturally. Observe the 10 seconds rule; that is, take 10 seconds before you answer back or succumb to selfish temptation. When you recognize that you have a bigger purpose beyond serving your own self-needs, you will find yourself all the richer for it.


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