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Perseverance And Complacency

If you running after a dream you may not know exactly how many kilometers it will take to catch it. Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric light bulb, was said to have tried some 15,000 times before he got it right. Imagine if he had stopped at the 14,999th time, we would be living with candlelight now.

Many times, people fail only because they stop trying. When you stop trying you are giving yourself zero chance to succeed. Perseverance is a crucial ingredient for making it. To persevere takes an attitude of faith, a mind with positive solutions, SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and well-timed) goals, and a vision that is burned into your soul. Success rarely has to do with brains, brawn or luck. You know the answer is there. You know you are going to get a breakthrough at some point. But you cant get to your answer or your breakthrough if you give up halfway.

How do you keep going? Focus on your vision, your dream. Then look at your milestones. You have come so far. You just need to keep narrowing the gap between your vision and your accomplishments.

One of the greatest dangers of hitting milestones is complacency. Life is a marathon. Milestones are there to help you keep going, to encourage by reminding you of the miles you have cleared. But sometimes, there is a huge temptation to rest when youve hit a milestone. For some people, a break turns into four years of doing absolutely nothing. Their vision turns to dust. Their fire dies out. They forget what they set out to do, and the race is abandoned.

There are few things in life more tragic than that. Its weird psychologically finding that many people pass away a few years after retirement. They give up the pursuit of life, and their days are shortened. They think theyve cleared the ultimate milestone: the end of working life. Unfortunately, life comes to a complete halt instead. The most remarkable, celebrated people on this earth have always been the ones who continue to keep moving the goal post for themselves.


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