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You Need Fire In Your Bellies

Ways You Can Achieve Greater Success In Your Life

Design A Powerful Life Plan

If you want to achieve exceptional results, then you have to plan for it. Most people are not clear about what they want, and that is why they end up getting nowhere. If you dont design a life plan, you will fall into someone elses plan. You must know specifically what you want in your career, wealth and relationship. When you have a plan, your waking hours suddenly become more productive. Whatever you do then is instilled with a sense of purpose.

Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs

One of the major reasons we product mediocre results is because of limiting beliefs like Im not confident or Its not possible. Once you break through these limiting beliefs, you will tap a lot more of your menal resources.

Practise Whole Brain Thinking

Many people wait for an awful crisis to erupt in their lives before forcing all their brain cells to get working overtime. Theirs is a life lived in reacting to circumstances. This is what is meant when someone describes a person as being reactive rather than proactive. Such people seldom, if ever, practice whole brain thinking. To them, creativity is an unknown word. They live with only one side of their brain activated. As a result, there is no music, no art, no frivolity in their lives. They are so serious, these people. They dont know how to laugh. From the start, train yourself to use your entire brain both right and left sides, with the serious mingling with the joyous, the rational with the frivolous. Whole brain activity leads to creativity of the most wondrous mind.

Eliminate Bad Habits And Install New Patterns

Most of our behaviors are driven by habits. If we constantly procrastinate, overeat, give up and get discouraged, we will never produce long-term results. You must develop new patterns of behavior that drive you towards your goals.

Re-Ignite Your Passion And Focus

People succeed because of the constant passion and focus they have in whatever they do. If you have lost your fire over the years, you must ignite it.

Take Charge Of Your Mental States

What really drives our behavior are the states that we are in. Most people feel that they are not in control of their emotions. We must effectively direct our minds to turn fears into power, anxiety into confidence, procrastination into motivation, in order to take consistent action to the results we want.

Do not belittle mental fantasies, they are the stuff of potential reality. Give your mind free rein to dream of all that you can be and all that you can do to bring fulfillment and meaning into your life. When you are fantasize, you are using your subconscious mind and thoughts to excite you and this will activate your inner capabilities, lighting up your pathways inside your head that will lead you to the stretching of your potential.

Sport Red For A Competitive Edge

Want to instantly project confidence? Wear red. A recent study found Olympic athletes who wore crimson uniforms in combat sports were more likely to win. Why? Red is associated with dominance and could give the wearers a psychological advantage by signalling aggression, say researchers at Durham University in England. Remember that the next time you shop for a power suit.


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