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Which MP3 Player To Pick?

As with other gadgets, the choice lies in the need. Which MP3 player you pick depends on what you want the gizmo for. Here's a quick checklist:

Just Listen To Music

If all you care about is listening to your digital library of songs, then you want a fuss-free player that you can work even with your eyes closed.

Watch Movies And View Photos

If you have a library of DVD movies converted for playback or a large selection of photos you want to share, there is no greater freedom than being able to grab a fistful of these to go. Look for a portable media player (PMP) that offers comprehensive support for multiple movie formats, including WMV9, DivX, XviD, MPEG-1 (and 2 and 4), and picture formats like JPEG, BMP, Gif and Tiff. Most players offer video-out, so whether you want a player with a larger screen or not depends on your mileage. Recommended players include Creative's Zen Vision (both the original and the M model) and Archos' range of PMPs.

Tune In To FM Radio

Who needs a radio programme when you have your favorite MP3 tunes? Regardless, many players offer this feature.

Note For The Record

Should you get an MP3 player that can record or a voice recorder with MP3 functions? Business executives who must record more meetings than most ought to consider the second choice. For the music afficionado, an MP3 player that does voice recording will do just fine.

Back Up Data

People who rely on the MP3 player as a computer data backup device should go for one with a large capacity.

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